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November 20, 2012
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Nepeta gasped for breath when she finally stopped. She had entered some halls and took random turns but now she thought that she was there. Cautiously, she took a few steps forward. Her ears were carefully trying to pick up any sounds.
Her senses were better than most trolls because of her time in the wild with nothing else. That and  being raised by a giant cat with two mouths. But mainly because-WE ARE GETTING OFF TOPIC!!
Nepeta looked around wildly. It was so dark in here. Finally she heard something from above. She looked up and saw the red glasses Terezi always had on. Nepeta smiled, finally having some comfort back into her seeing her old role-playing friend.
"Hey Terezi," She called up. "I didn't know you would be here."
Terezi didn't respond for a few seconds before Nepeta heard something. "Heheh. CHECK IT THE MOTHERFUCK OUT. It's the peasant blood. HEH HEH. Fucking heh."
Nepeta tilted her head. "huh?"
"I was expecting the blue blood. NOT THE MOTHERFUCKING GREEN ONE. Where's the blue mother fucking one?"
Immediately Nepeta knew that this wasn't Terezi. She looked up closer, being used to seeing in the dark to find the shape of Gamzee's horns.
Nepeta's comfort went away.
"Hey kitty girl. WHY THE MOTHERFUCKING HELL are you here?"
"I wanted to purrtect Equius. He's my meowrail afturrr all." she shifted on her feet. She always broke out into so many cat puns when she was nervous.
She started shaking when she saw his eyes behind Terezi's glasses.

Equius woke up a few minutes after where we left off. He yawned and opened his eyes to see his glasses next to his face. He got them and pushed them up his nose with the tip of his claw and looked around for his moirail. She wasn't anywhere, so he just shrugged and checked to see if she had left him a-
"What's this?" He asked himself when he saw that Karkat had pestered him on Trollian not 20 minutes ago. He scrolled up to the top of the conversation. Nepeta had posed as him, but right now it wasn't one of his top priorities
Until he read why he pestered Equius.
Equius stood up and started to sweat.
He speed-read the rest of the conversation and stopped when he saw the line.

CT: D --> If that means the others will be safe, then I shall go

CT: D --> And purrtect them

Equius saw the cat pun in there and started to breathe faster. She used cat puns more often when she was really scared or particularly scared of something. He went to the door and tried to open, but it wouldn't. He huffed out and turned to see a note scribbled on his desk. ":33 < s33 you soon meowrail! I purromise!"
He started to gasp for breath and couldn't even guess how many towels he would need. He turned towards the door again and started banging on it. If his moirail was in danger, he would save her. He sworn to her that he would always protect her and never leave her side in the face of danger and much more.
He stopped for a second when he heard a scream above. He shot his head upwards and saw it came from the air vents.
It shouldn't have made the sound down to him, but if it was real or not, Equius heard it. He might have been just imagining it, but whatever the case, he growled and beat the door down in one punch. He barely looked at the scrap metal on the floor as he raced down the hallways, feet barely having time to touch the ground before he picked them up and swung them out. His leg muscles were hitting the floor so hard that they were jiggling.  
"I'm coming, Nepeta."  

Nepeta screamed when Gamzee had shot her with one of Equius's bows. It had hit her where her belly button would be if trolls had ones. She gasped and fell to the ground. She took out her kitty claws and had whimpered when Gamzee came closer, almost laughing. She had thought that she could defeat him with no problem, but now she was starting to doubt herself.  
Terrified, she tried to stand up, but tripped over her tail and fell back down with a squeak of pain. Gamzee was almost on her now. Almost 5 feet away, he had his clubs out and was practically screaming honks.
Nepeta growled and hissed at the terrifying clown that was coming towards her...In the back of her mind she knew that she should have come with somebody else. That if Equius and her had paired up, this clown would be nothing but dust now.
Gamzee was upon her now and was smiling crazily. She whimpered and hissed one last time, her ears flattened so far back that they were on her skin. He brought back his clubs and smashed them down on her. He hit her face first and it had hit her nose. It had immediately broken it and blood gushed out from her nostrils. She coughed and brought a hand up to try and stop the bleeding. Gamzee then kicked her down and stomped on her until she was lying still, taking beatings as she lied there. Nepeta yelped as the clubs had taken over the pain of her body. She felt it as it broke her ribs, as it broke her horn off, as it broke her spirit.
When her horn was broken off, she lost so much blood in so little time. She went immediately dizzy and struggled to protect herself from what little she could. She already had a broken nose, many broken ribs, bruises all over, an arrow through her stomach, Nepeta scrunched her eyes shut, knowing what was going to happened to her.
After a few minutes like this, she finally just closed her eyes to his honks.  

Nepeta opened her eyes to see Equius's shoe's running in from far away. Her blood was everywhere and it barely even hurt anymore. She smiled at her meowrail. He came over to her and flipped her over, so she was laying on her back in his arms. He was shouting something, she knew he was from how panicked he looked and how his eyes were showing concern. His glasses had slipped a little, but oh well.
He shouted something over and over again, but all Nepeta heard was sounds that didn't even comply. It sounded as if he was trying to talk through water with having earplugs in.
She felt so tired and started to go to sleep. She was gasping for breath now. She started to cough up some blood, and spat it out. Equius's face was full of worry, sadness, and concern. He wasn't thinking about being mad, not yet. Not until she was de-NO.She was going to be fine....right?
Before Nepeta closed her eyes for the last time, she papped his nose like a cat would when it was being playful and whispered something that he wouldn't be able to hear, but she could tell him later.
"I'm sorry I couldn't be as strong as you."  She gave a half smile and closed her eyes. Her breathing slowed and stopped a few seconds later.
Part two of Nepeta S33k the highblood
In the next one, we see Equius's POV when Nepeta dies and what he does to Gamzee
Part 1: [link]
Part 3 [link]
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